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Energy Conservation
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PDR & Assocs is a full service energy conservation and renewable energy service and product company dedicated to the implementation of quality energy systems. We provide the quality professional engineering & financial support services in order to ensure project sustainability, high system performance and reliability.

We provide in-depth interview explaining the concepts, terminology, expectations, and budget for your energy efficiency, renewable energy, co-generation system. Then, through a site visit and possible meeting with client, we provide a first hand assessment of the energy conservation and renewable energy potential at your facility, load analysis on electrical/hvac/plmbg, and input on component placement and aesthetics.

Audit/Investigation/Report Phase

(1)                 Analyze the history of Facility wide utility bills, m & o logs, current utility contract.

(2)                  Study the multitudes of available utility rate options (like "Firm", "Interruptible", RS and Industrial services etc) and determine compatibility with the needs of your current facility.

(3)                 Thermal gain/loss of Envelope of the facility. Potential application of compatible low watt lighting.

(4)                 Engineering evaluation of all recommended energy conservation measures and financial analysis of the cost of energy reduction programs. Determine potential payback period and IRR.     

(5)                 Physical Investigation of the facility, its lighting, heating, cooling, process and other energy loads and study of as-built drawings, equipment documents.

(6)                 Meeting with the operations and management managers of your facility to determine the past, current as well as projection of future pattern of energy consumption.

(7)        Prepare an audit report for the client.

Permitting and approval phase

We shall support the client/owner in processing and obtaining the necessary permits and approval from local pubic agencies, utilities, grid operators and state board of public utilities, federal and state environmental agencies


Recommendation/Design engineering/construction management Phases

Based on our Audit and analysis, we shall prepare a report for your evaluation. We shall recommend, collaboratively select the best option and design systems that are consistent with your strategic objective. We shall address the following aspects:

(1)                   More favorable and compatible utility rate structure, when warranted, including utility aggregation.

(2)                   Improvement of your current facility lighting, HVAC, Low flow Plumbing fixts, their controls. 

(3)                   Geo-thermal and absorption including solar cooling & Heating of your facility, Cogeneration of electricity and heat, Solar PV, Wind, biomass, Biogas, Land Fill Gas and  hybrids, changes/modification to other appropriate and available systems and processes based on the findings of our investigations.

(4)                   The engineering expertise to design solutions that address your problems; the Financial model to creatively design capital investment through operating budget; the construction mgmt expertise ensuring on-time and on-budget project completion with minimal interruptions and O & M expertise to ensure long term efficient performance.


With innovations in lighting that can generate the same lumens for a small percentage of the energy we use for this purpose today, and actual market growth of advanced water heating technologies from solar thermal, ground-coupled heat pumps, geo thermal and cogeneration which obviates the need for electric power to almost nothing, and amazing advances in very high efficiency space cooling and heating -- all will dramatically cut energy demand even as the global population increases at the current brisk rate. Let us all work together with real zeal and commitment to make it a reality.


We shall perform engineering design, calculations, necessary plans and drawings, specifications, prepare special instruction for installers, facilitate financing and arrange third party commissioning.

Besides, we shall perform technical and financial feasibility of the project and shall help in identifying and quantifying the available incentives, credits, Production Tax and income tax credits, accelerated depreciations including help in identifying low rate and long term financing.


System Installation
We shall select certified and experienced contractors to install our engineered system for the intended performance, comply with safety regulations and aesthetic considerations. Installation is a critical aspect of your system and should be performed only by trained professionals with prior experience of similar projects.


Possible Benefits

(1)    Reduce your energy consumption for all years to come. The stream of saved revenues, after the initial payback period, shall substantially reduce the cost of business operations, for years to come.

(2)    Substantial financial incentives for your facility with the installation of energy conservation systems and renewable energy that shall not only reduce utility expenses but increase reliability of utility to your facility.

(3)    Environmental emissions should be appreciably reduced or eliminated, depending on selected system, making the facility compliant with prevailing regulations as well as bestowing benefit to the environment around us. 

(4)     Reduce the frequency and cost of maintenance of your systems. Some

improvements might need almost no investment with some beneficial return while others would need substantial investment to offer substantial benefits.  

CHP Microturbine

CHW Storage

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