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Solar Energy
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Solar Photovoltaic (PV) module makes use of the abundant energy in the sun converts to electricity, and it has little impact on our environment. Photo voltaic can be used to power a wide range of products, from small consumer electronic items to large commercial solar electric systems.


Components of a typical grid connected solar PV system are PV arrays, inverter, connecting wiring, DC & AC disconnects and structural needs compatible with applications; including batteries and charge controller for non-grid systems.  


Provide investigation, engineering design, drawing, specifications and procurement and installation support services for large commercial to residential applications. Support clients in identifying the available incentives, credits, RECs, taxes and recommending low cost renewable financing to satisfy investment obligations. Provide long term financial analysis for client to make viable business decision. 


Incentives from NY (NYSERDA and LIPA), NJ and CT and Federal tax credits generally pay about 50% of the installed cost -- and a state tax credit for NY residents -- help reduce the cost even further. For solar domestic HW systems, the federal tax credit can cover as much as 30% of the cost. For NY residents, the state tax credit can cover another 25% of the cost! Commercial solar installations receive substantial federal tax incentives, making for very impressive rates of returns: as high as 25%!


Solar heating harnesses the energy of the sun to provide solar thermal energy for domestic hot water, space heating and pool heating applications;  


Solar thermal systems for residential and commercial applications, use either  Flat glazed panel or evacuated pipe collector panels. Additional system components could be  plumbing pipe, valves, controls.   


In Colder climates, system uses heat exchanger with antifreeze mixture in the primary loop, while secondary loop delivers the hot water. Solar thermal systems are many times more efficient in capturing the sun’s energy compared to the efficiency obtainable in solar PV panels.


Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technology has been utilized with parabolic trough and/or solar tower to produce commercial scale electric power. In the U.S., nine CSP power plants totaling 354 MW have been operating reliably in California for over 16 years.


PDR Energy group has worked on commercial scale as well as residential solar PV and thermal systems. Jointly with Dome Tech energy, we worked on Clarion University solar PV proposal,  worked to install few large residential solar PV systems in NJ. Additional project: Solar hot water for commercial laundry, NJ


We specify efficient solar PV arrays of Sharp, Kyocera, BP solar, DASOL solar of China and solar thermal collectors by BP solar, Veismann,  SEIDU of China, Germinox of France and other certified US makers.



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